your ally during the COVID-19 crisis

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Sleep researchers who promote good sleep habits through their national campaign “Sleep on it” are offering concrete solutions to sleep better during this time of crisis.

The Canadian campaign, “Sleep on It” launched in September 2019 by the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network (CSCN), the Canadian Sleep Society (CSS), la Fondation Sommeil, and Wake-up Narcolespy Canada is designed to demystify sleep for the public, and to offer solutions to people who have sleep-related problems. For more information: “Who are we?

It is normal that the health crisis linked to COVID-19 can lead to stress and anxiety and upsets our sleep. This can affect people of all ages.  One of the important functions of sleep is to help maintain both our physical and mental well-being which allows us to cope better with the situation that we are all experiencing.

As sleep specialists, we are taking part in the collective effort to be resilient.  We would like to share with the public the consequences that this COVID-19 related crisis could have on sleep and to offer their suggestions on how to achieve a good quality sleep that will lead to a better physical and mental well-being during this critical situation.

“Our objective is to inform and reassure Canadians about sleep problems that they may experience during this period of uncertainty and to remind them of the solutions they can employ to sleep better. A good night’s sleep is without a doubt an important tool to help us better manage our emotions, make good decisions and strengthen our psychological outlook.” says Julie Carrier, a psychology professor at the University of Montreal, researcher at the Montreal North Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre and the scientific director of CSCN and the campaign, “Sleep on it”.

“Sleeping well enhances our psychological and physical resilience and allows us to better manage stress, anxiety and uncertainty in a crisis situation like the one we are currently experiencing” says Charles Morin, professor in the psychology department at Laval University, director of the Centre d’étude des troubles du sommeil at the research centre CERVO and Canada Research Chair in Sleeping Disorders.

Over the next weeks, several topics related to sleep in the context of the COVID-19 crisis will be published on “Sleep on it” website and on our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Stay tuned!




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