Canadian public health campaign on sleep

The goal of this awareness campaign?
Demystify sleep for the general public, offer solutions to deal with sleep disorders and make healthy sleep a public health priority.
The Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network, the Canadian Sleep Society, Fondation Sommeil and Wake-up Narcolepsy Canada have joined forces to communicate scientifically valid knowledge in a simple and original way. For more information: Who are we?

New on the website

Surveys and evidence-based programs …looking for participants!

All about sleep

You will find here everything you need to better understand sleep and its importance for your health.

Sleep disorders

A section of the website is specifically dedicated to sleep disorders. Each disorder is discussed in detail including the causes and consequences for your health. We offer solutions for each of them.

Special reports on sleep

We intend to regularly update this website with special reports.

Events and patient support groups

The campaign also aims to facilitate access to support for people with sleep disorders.

Tools and resources

Finally, we offer additional tools and resources including online programs, podcasts, video links, etc.